The UNC Charlotte Noble Niner Institute

Noble Niner

The Center for Leadership Development and Multicultural Resource Center are once again coming together to offer a dynamic leadership opportunity for UNC Charlotte ​students. 

The Noble Niner Institute is a new initiative designed to create a campus climate where students are empowered to think about, talk about, and do something about issues effecting the UNC Charlotte community. They will do this by engaging in meaningful dialogue, building specific strengths, and becoming catalysts for change. The objective of this year's institute is for participants to have a better understanding of civility, as well as the impact of advocacy, activism, and allyship.

​Forty-nine students are selected for this amazing opportunity. We need your help identifying Sophomore​s​, Junior​s​ and Senior​s​ to take part in this experience​.

While this will be a very impactful event for our seasoned student leaders, we also want those students that have the potential to be leaders as well. So please think of the students that stand out for you and nominate them!

Each nominee will be contacted and encouraged to apply for the 49er Institute by completing an application on the website and obtaining letters of recommendation. Even if you don't nominate a student, please know that this opportunity is available should a student want to apply directly for the Institute. A nomination is not required to be considered for selection.