Noble Niner

The UNC Charlotte Noble Niner Institute

The Noble Niner Institute is an annual event which reflects the values of a Noble Niner  - Scholarship, Integrity, Respect, Accountability, Dignity, Honor,  Compassion,  Character and Nobility.   Through meaningful dialogue and building strengths while focusing on specific values of a Noble Niner, students will understand and be better prepared to be stronger campus and community citizens.

Forty-nine students are selected for the Institute each year via an application process.   This event will be most impactful for sophomore, junior and senior students, though freshmen may apply.

Nominate a Noble Niner:  Please submit nominations by November 17. Self-nominations are permitted. 

Please use the nomination link to nominate yourself, a peer, or a student whom you believe should attend the institute. 

Apply for Noble Niner Institute: Please apply by Friday, December 1.  

Please use the application link if you are student and know that you are available and interested in attending. 

Noble Niner Application graphic