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49er Forum

Forty-Niner Forum Speakers Series

49er Forum

The Forty-Niner Forum Speakers Series is responsible for gauging the interests of the UNC Charlotte Community and supplying the community with dynamic, diverse, and engaging speakers involved in those identified interests. 



The Great Debate


The Forty-Niner Forum is hosting a debate forum (inspired by the podcast Intelligence Squared) titled The Great Debate. With this inaugural forum, we are addressing the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana in the state of North Carolina. Our desire is to introduce you, the audience, to the conversation by defining foundational terms and sharing historical content as it relates to the topic. 

This event is a forum for balanced and intelligent debate that will promote intellectual and viewpoint diversity by encouraging respect for contrary opinions, including those of the audience. 

Four members of the University & Charlotte Community will share thoughts and ideas on the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana in the state of North Carolina with efforts to sway the opinion you, the audience, inserted. Can they sway you? Join us to find out. 

The event is FREE and Open to the Public. UNC Charlotte ID is required for all students, faculty, and staff members. 


Interested in helping plan our next Speaker events? Find out what positions are available here. Spring 2020 Committee Meetings are Thursdays at 9am. Email us with your interest and for more information.