Academic Opportunities/Certificates

The Certificate in Leadership Studies is an academic program coordinated by the Center for Leadership Development and sponsored by the Department of Communication Studies. It is open to any undergraduate student regardless of major.

How do I enroll in the Certificate program?

Contact the Center for Leadership Development for an appointment to discuss the Certificate.  You’ll need to bring a copy of your transcripts to the appointment.  The staff in the Center for Leadership Development will assist you in planning a strategy to complete the course requirements.

Why complete an academic certificate?

According to the National Association of College Employers, among the top ten qualities sought by employers are communication skills, motivation, teamwork, leadership, interpersonal skills, flexibility/adaptability, integrity, and analytical/problem solving skills; all of which are key components of leadership development.

As our global society experiences multiple crises over serious and challenging issues, the need for sound leadership becomes increasingly important. A result of these crises and issues is a world where the assumption of a leadership role requires much more than just a portfolio of leadership skills.

Leadership is best taught not solely in one single class, but rather over time and in multiple environments. Students will have the opportunity to study not only leadership skills, but theory and the leadership process. Students will develop critical leadership thinking skills which will afford them the ability to put leadership into practice.