Courses within the Certificate program focus on leadership, communication, ethics, and group processes.

Students electing the Certificate in Leadership Studies may be enrolled in any undergraduate major. In addition to completing the standard core and required track courses for their majors, students must complete 18 hours of coursework. These courses may also count toward requirements of your major, if applicable.

Required Courses

Communications 3135: Leadership Theory and Group Dynamics (3)
Communications 3136: Leadership, Service and Ethics (3)
Communications more

Two courses or 6 hours from the following:
Aerospace 3101 – Leadership Studies (3)
Aerospace 3102 – Leadership Studies II (3)

One course from the following:
Philosophy - Professional Ethics 2175 (3)
Philosophy - History of Ethical Theories 3219 (3)

Course Descriptions

Issue Description:

COMM 3135: Leadership, Communication, and Group Dynamics (3). Study of leadership theories, behaviors, and group processes. Emphasis on group more

Issue Description:

AERO 3101: Leadership and Management (3) (O). Pre-professional co-requisite: AERO 3101L: Study of leadership theory and skills, and the Air Force more

Issue Description:

PHIL 2175: Professional Ethics (3). Basic concepts, principles and cases in ethics for the professions, including a reasoning model for ethical more