The Leadership Curriculum

The largest part of the Leadership Journey is the academic aspect. This experience is designed to enhance your knowledge of leadership and your ability to lead in today's multicultural and quickly changing world. As part of this Learning Community, students will enroll in two classes in the Fall semester and one in the Spring semester.

Fall Semester (6 hours)

  • UCOL 1200 Freshman Seminar (with an emphasis in Leadership)
  • COMM 2105 Small Group┬áCommunication

Our Freshman Seminar course is an orientation to college, and also an introduction to leadership. Our seminar requires participation in campus leadership activities.

The Small Group Communication will focus on principles of discussion and deliberation in small groups. Practice in organizing, leading, and participating in various forms of group communication. Emphasis on problem solving and group management.

Spring Semester (3 hours)

  • COMM 3136 Leadership, Service, & Ethics

COMM 3136 is an in-depth examination of ethical leadership. Ethical and leadership theories learned in class are then applied to a comprehensive, group service-project where students must demonstrate their skills and knowledge.